Vefa Bozacısı

What are the storage conditions for it?

Boza can be kept for at least 15 days in a cool environment; preferably, it should be kept in the fridge (at +4°C).

How is boza made?

3 glasses of bulghur
2 coffee cups of rice
3 glasses of granulated sugar
1 glass of old boza or a piece of yeast in the size of a matchbox, a large pot
Keep the bulghur in much water from the evening to the next day. The next day, cook the bulghur and rice until they are smashed. Shake them with a mixer and make them pass through a thin sieve. Simmer this mixture. Add sugar to it and mix until it melts. Then take it from the cooker. Leave it to cool somewhere. Stir it at intervals. Add the old boza or the yeast smashed with lukewarm water into it, after it gets lukewarm. Mix it well. Close the pot and keep this mixture in a place 20-25 degrees hot for 2-3 days, stir it at intervals during this time. If you can see honeycombed bubbles in it, it means it is ready. Take it to a cool place. Serve it cold. You can add yellow leblebi or cinnamon on it, if you like.
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